Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls

Yes, some will keep saying that watch today is an accessory for style and statement, but we still see a lot of models, which surprise us with different complications. Today’s watch comes from Speake-Marin and named as Crazy Skulls series. Newcomer should be available in two color variations, but I have to say that skulls sound only with black. 😉
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Swiss brand considers skulls as one of their main symbols, and today’s model features two of those on the watchface! Moreover, they are moveable, so you can open or close them. Why? Both hide tourbillon beneath. Nevertheless, there is also another interesting feature connected with them – number 12 on the top falls apart when skulls are not together. Manufacturer decided to symbolize unity of two souls with those interesting features.

Now you can calm down and release your wallet – there will be only two pieces available on the market, and I am sure that they are sold already. Well, at least you can appreciate watch beauty on the photos. 🙂


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